Hail Damage

Hail DamageRoof damage can occur in a matter of minutes during a hail storm. Hail damage is defined as the roofs diminished ability to shed water or the loss of life of the shingle. Once the roof loses the ability to shed water it cannot be repaired and may even cause further damage by allowing water to settle in little spots on your roof causing water penetration to your house.

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Don’t make the mistake of just assuming your roof is fine after a hailstorm simply because it appears intact. This failure to act quickly can lead to thousands of dollars in damage down the road. Remember most storm damage cannot be seen from the ground and requires the eye of a trained roofing professional. Done Right Roofing and Restoration will provide a free inspection to determine if your roof is still working properly and fully protecting your home. 317-800-9803


After one of our roofing professionals determines if your roof warrants replacement we will then help you file your claim.

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