Hail Damage

Hail DamageRoof damage can occur in a matter of minutes during a hail storm. Hail damage is defined as the roofs diminished ability to shed water or the loss of life of the shingle. Once the roof loses the ability to shed water it cannot be repaired and may even cause further damage by allowing water to settle in little spots on your roof causing water penetration to your house. (More Information)



RoofingWe understand that the process of choosing an Indianapolis roofing company can sometimes feel overwhelming. That’s why the roofing professionals at Done Right Roofing and Restoration focus on four non-negotiable characteristics that make your decision easier. Those characteristics are knowledge, integrity, customer service, and attention to detail. (More Information)


Siding & Gutters

Siding & GuttersHail and high winds can cause damage to your siding by denting, breaking, cracking, or even blowing off your siding. If your home has been subjected to the severe storms known to hit central Indiana call us today for a free exterior inspection (More Information)


Water Damage

Water DamageIf your roof has been compromised and you are starting to notice discoloration on your ceiling due to the strong winds and rain, it may be a sign of a much larger issue. Call Done Right today for your free inspection. We are IICRC certified (More Information)

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